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The Adventures of Joey and Casey


Jan 27, 2013 - Joe, Casey and Joey accept a training certificate from Stephanie Feehan of K9s for Kids. Casey is certified as an autism service dog, an official service dog in Pennsylvania. Joe and Joey are certified as her handlers. The 17-month-old German shepherd pup has been training with her family for the past year.

Obedience training, January 27, 2013. Graduation Day!!

Obedience training,January 13, 2013. Two weeks until graduation!!

Obedience Training January 6, 2013. Three weeks till graduation!

Obedience Training - December 23, 2012


During an April 14, 2012, session at Penn Hills Community Park, Joey, Joe and Casey listen for instructions from their K9s for Kids trainer.

Casey Tracks Joey

After being given a command to "track", Casey leads Joe around a pond at Penn Hills Community Park in search of Joey during an April 14, 2012, training session.

Casey's Reward

Casey receives a tennis ball reward from Joey after tracking him by scent to a pavilion in Penn Hills Community Park during training on April 14, 2012.

Casey's Trainer

Through trainer Pat Maloney's American Kennel Club-qualified program, Casey recently was certified as a STAR puppy, meaning she is up to speed on socialization, training, activity and responsibility. Casey is enrolled in her second round of obedience training with Maloney.

Casey's Transportation

This is Casey's primary transport vehicle. Redz Signs Inc. designed custom artwork to make other drivers aware that a service canine is on board and to promote the Joey-O Foundation for Autism Awareness.

Casey's Meets the Family

After the bath, Joey introduced the pup to the rest of the family. "This is my dog, Casey," he said to mom Brenda and little sister Anna.

Casey's First Bath

Joey wasn't sure about Casey using his tub for her first bath, but after some suds and splashes, he was all smiles with his clean, fuzzy friend.

Casey Visits PetSmart

Before heading home, Joey tells Casey to be brave during her first manicure at the Century Square PetSmart, which has become one of their favorite places to visit.

Casey Goes Home

Joey was excited to take his new puppy Casey home on October 21, 2011. He and Joe picked up the pup in the morning and had a full day of adventures before Casey met the rest of the family.

Joey Meets Casey

On October 15, 2011, Joey and Joe met Casey for the first time. K9s for Kids hosted a puppy meet-and-greet at Rosedale Volunteer Fire Department in Penn Hills. Casey, one of six puppies in a litter, bonded with Joey almost instantly.